Corporate Challenge – Pendleside Hospice

Posted : 21 August 2018

We are pleased to announce that we are taking part in this year’s Pendleside Hospice Corporate Challenge along with 37 other local businesses.

Thanks to Charter Walk, Burnley we have £50 to turn into as much money as we can up until the 30th September.

We will be holding various fundraising events throughout the year so keep your eyes peeled on our page and Facebook Page. Who knows, we might even give away some free biscuits!

Please, please support us in this extremely worthwhile cause by donating as much as you can using the link below. Alternatively contact our offices to ask how you can help.…/farmhouse-biscuits-ltd


*Update 21/8/2018 – We have currently raised £3,605.02 which is amazing and we are extremely greatful for all the kind donations. We are having a big party on the 21st September and everyone is welcome. All money raised will go towards Pendleside Hospice. Please contact if you would like more information.

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